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    But I'm a libertarian, not a liberal!

    Chris "Jesdisciple"

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    But I'm a libertarian, not a liberal!

    Post  Chris "Jesdisciple" on Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:25 am

    The term "conservative" is inherently rigid; it's really a conglomeration of stereotypes. In case you're uncertain whether you're conservative or liberal, here's an explanation of what the terms mean for social and economic issues:


    Republicans argue for government control over social norms and general economic liberty, while Democrats insist on general social liberty and control of economic circumstances. Libertarians, the third most popular affiliation, propose maximum liberty in both areas, while anarchists take this to the extreme.

    So if you believe government has a significant role to play in moving money from the more successful to the less you are economically liberal. If you believe government should enforce social norms such as few abortions, heterosexual marriage, or English as the official language you are socially conservative.

    Feel free to participate in Conservative Policy as a conservative. Even if you aren't truly a conservative, you can take up the arguments for fun if you like. And don't worry about how close your opinions are to other conservatives; it's the principles that count. If you consider yourself moderate on either type of issue and can't decide which way to go, jump into the conversation and we'll contact you if there's a problem.

    Finally, I am thinking about dropping this rule but am uncertain. I'm thinking I should wait until we have a sizeable community and then ask. My concern is that if the board is perceived as liberal or neutral it won't attract conservatives as well. Thoughts?

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