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Intellectual discussion of conservative policy, particularly for the renewal or replacement of the Republican Party.

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    Post  Chris "Jesdisciple" on Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:32 am

    This area is for liberals and conservatives to address each other, whereas Conservative Policy is dedicated to conservatives but open to constructive dialogue from liberals. This segregation is intended to keep the rhetoric down, the civility up, and the board essentially conservative.

    People who start topics here may restrict discussion to liberal or conservative opinions. If having both debates and explorations in the same forum becomes problematic, they will be separated into their own forums.

    Here are some types of topics which might be discussed here:

    • Political ethics: Other than actually changing policy, what habits can each side drop or develop to improve relations with the other? (If this is a complaint about a conservative entity, see the Saloon.)

    • Policy exploration: Explore where one side's opinions come from. Explorations are either conservative or liberal, with dialogue from the other side limited to constructive dialogue, similar to Conservative Policy.

    • Policy debate: Try to convince the other side of your opinion. Rules regarding civility apply here just as much as, or more than, in other forums.

    Counterpart sticky in Conservative Policy: But I'm a libertarian, not a liberal!

    I expect well-reasoned answers to my questions, and you should call me out on poor logic. I also expect questions from you. I will answer my own questions after you; this isn't merely a blog.

    My words are often misunderstood, so maybe my glossary will help. See here to make your own.

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