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    Philosophy and Rules

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    Philosophy and Rules

    Post  Chris "Jesdisciple" on Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:33 am


    Too many conservatives are too gullible toward the familiar and too suspicious of the strange. I type this as a conservative who clearly sees this fault in his own self and many others of similar convictions. I understand the liberal arguments for greater governmental participation in the economy, yet I also believe that the economy should be left to itself when possible. I am angry at tyrants who use conservatism as a tool to manipulate unwitting pawns into doing their bidding. I am weary of supporting their arguments and being rebutted by their actions. I am offended by my fellow Christians who revile all the world. I am tired of being deceived by endless conspiracy theories propagated by right-wing alarmists. I am hoping to see some reasonable proposals for balancing power between government and business with the ultimate aim of preserving both individual autonomy and general prosperity.

    Conservatives, are you ready to break from the herd? Liberals, are you willing to poke holes in our ideas? Are you all tired of the Republican Party making conservatism into a cruel weapon and its voters into devotees? Friends, there's a reason Obama's campaign was able to benefit so much from the catch-phrases "hope" and "change." I could use some of those myself right now.

    What? (This is also at the bottom of the rules which new members agree to.)

    This board is to be a crucible of conservative ideas. It shall be based on an ethic of free thought restrained by the goal of being essentially conservative. Liberals are only welcome to proselytize in the Liberal Embassy forum. Liberals who wish to stimulate thought are more than welcome everywhere. See here for a more in-depth explanation of this policy.

    This board is to be a haven for rational, civil dialogue. Being obnoxious can be a bannable offense. Conspiracy theories must be accompanied by links to verification on and/or Refrain from unfair stereotypes. Be even-handed in your evaluations of opinion and motive (including your own). Ignore rules when they contradict the purpose of the forum. Learn from your mistakes.


    Look at the board index for our current efforts. Develop friendships in Chit Chat so your opponent will be a real person in Politics. Read Announcements for newer projects. Give Feedback and Suggestions if you have your own ideas. And more to the point, figure out which ideas and politicians are good and which are bad.

    I expect well-reasoned answers to my questions, and you should call me out on poor logic. I also expect questions from you. I will answer my own questions after you; this isn't merely a blog.

    My words are often misunderstood, so maybe my glossary will help. See here to make your own.

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