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    Prison Reform

    Chris "Jesdisciple"

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    Prison Reform

    Post  Chris "Jesdisciple" on Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:51 am

    I have heard that prisons drink much of the government's money, and overcrowding supposedly necessitates the death penalty for the sake of keeping the cost down. What are the issues with prisons? Educate everyone else if you know. Then let's think about what should be done to address them.

    Before knowing the real issues, here are my questions about how to solve the money one: Which prisoners would we be willing to release as a society? Should the prisoners somehow be funding the prisons through labor?

    I expect well-reasoned answers to my questions, and you should call me out on poor logic. I also expect questions from you. I will answer my own questions after you; this isn't merely a blog.

    My words are often misunderstood, so maybe my glossary will help. See here to make your own.

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