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    Jesdisciple's Glossary

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    Jesdisciple's Glossary

    Post  Chris "Jesdisciple" on Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:59 pm

    I'll be editing this post as necessary to add new definitions. You can comment if you like. See also the announcement regarding glossaries.

    Affirmative action - Equality of outcomes according to race, gender, or some other characteristic. E.g., affirmative action insists that the percentage of women and minorities in a college must mirror that in the surrounding area. A looser definition which I have seen one user apply here includes equality of opportunity, e.g. educating minorities about available options. The racial and "equality of outcome" details are specific to American politics; see here.

    Politically correct - Polite toward a specific set of demographics, even at the cost of the original message. Politically incorrect statements are often censured by the left, while some on the right will go the other direction and make obscene statements for the sake of rebelling against this standard.

    Universal ethics - The set of rules which should be applied consistently in all cases. Opinions on the precise definition will vary, but these opinions must seek the absolute set (i.e. God's). I just had a misunderstanding where this term was taken to mean some sort of postmodern "true for us" ethical system.

    I expect well-reasoned answers to my questions, and you should call me out on poor logic. I also expect questions from you. I will answer my own questions after you; this isn't merely a blog.

    My words are often misunderstood, so maybe my glossary will help. See here to make your own.

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